Synths for sale ..

Jay Vaughan ibisum at
Mon Oct 31 21:35:19 CET 2022

> My rule of thumb for this seller is to take 1/3rd of the price. And that would put it around €1500.
> But that would leave you out of pocket, I think.

I’ve seen them consistently sell for 1800 ~ 2000 in the last few months.

Like I said, I’d be happy to negotiate for music-bar members.

> Anyway, it's all up to you of course. We're all your buddies and all that, but you have other priorities and responsibilities.

Yeah, I’m not that bothered about a few hundred bucks difference  - I just want to start getting rid of stuff I’m not using.  I haven’t  done any track with the FS1R in over a decade, I’ve kept it mostly as my FM synth if I ever need one, but I don’t.  Not for the style I’m doing these days.

> I'm actually in a similar situation. I picked up a 110V Roland JD-990 for cheap, but I have little interest in the unit (haven't even had time to hook it up). And I'd rather rip off some random person on the internet than a member of the bar. 😃

See, I’m not that bothered - I’d rather it went to someone I knew so I (eventually) hear something made with it.  Maybe.  But we all know your synths are cat stands!

Jay Vaughan
ibisum at

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