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James Coplin james at
Mon Oct 31 22:40:23 CET 2022

The JD-990 is great, especially with the Vintage Synth card installed. I'd give it a chance before moving it on. It's the only PCM synth in my entire studio other than the Wavestations. I bought mine when they were new and it's not going anywhere.james

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On Oct 31, 2022, 3:31 PM, at 3:31 PM, Peter Korsten <peter at> wrote:
>Op 31-10-2022 om 21:08 schreef Jay Vaughan:
>>> Well, your asking prices here are on the top end, or above, what
>they sell for on Reverb – where you pay a 5% commission. I won't tell
>you how to price your gear, of course.
>> I guesstimated based on EBay searches for the same gear, minus 100
>bucks or so
>> So, you think 10% lower for all .. ?
>Put this this way: around a year ago, an FS1R would go for around
>It looks to be €1800 now. Asking prices, that's quite another thing; 
>there's one for €2749 on Reverb right now. 😯
>But if you take this listing:
>My rule of thumb for this seller is to take 1/3rd of the price. And
>would put it around €1500.
>But that would leave you out of pocket, I think.
>>> Except for the MS-20, that seems a bit on the low side even.
>> .. yeah its a little harder to price this one.  Its the original.
>Asking prices on Reverb appear to start at €1500. Depends a bit on the 
>condition, whether it's a 110 volts unit, etc.
>Anyway, it's all up to you of course. We're all your buddies and all 
>that, but you have other priorities and responsibilities.
>I'm actually in a similar situation. I picked up a 110V Roland JD-990 
>for cheap, but I have little interest in the unit (haven't even had
>to hook it up). And I'd rather rip off some random person on the 
>internet than a member of the bar. 😃
>- Peter
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