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> I assume this has to be far worse in embedded systems where many design choices are taken away from you by the time you're the line programmer solving an actual customer issue.

IMHO, If you’re a “line programmer”, your organisation is doing embedded wrong.  Bureaucracy kills.  Never accept specs from HR, or from managers who cannot write code.  In fact, a competent developer should never accept technical oversight or guidance, spec-writing or fixed requirements from any manager who cannot do their  job.  Also, if your group workflow doesn’t have at least 3 review stages (analysis, specs, requirements -> review.  Design, implementation, qualification -> review.  Release -> review), its broken and you *will* fall over.

Replace them all with a proper technical requirements, specs and review workflow that informs your manager what its going to take to get the project finished, and be sure also that you let everyone know that your chip vendors serve you, not the other way around .. you’d be surprised how many embedded projects I’ve seen fail because nobody pushed back on some glib managers fantasies about the product pitch they just got from a sales monkey ..

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