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Sun Apr 17 08:47:25 CEST 2022

On 16/04/2022 20:54, Peter Korsten wrote:
> Hey Jay,
>> Going to check it out and get into some hot ProTracker action .. I 
>> have to say its kind of fun to be digging into the Amiga again after 
>> all these years.  The A500 Mini certainly makes it more accessible 
>> than ever before (for me anyway, never an find a cheap Amiga..)
> It's not really that dissimilar to collecting vintage synthesisers, is 
> it? Yes, we can easily run a software A500, but a real one (or an 
> almost real one) is much more fun.
> Makes you wonder: would there be retro iPhones in 20 years time? For 
> that retro experience with a clunky phone, bezels, and a home button.

Got my fully working A1200 here! Such a cool machine.

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