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> Got my fully working A1200 here! Such a cool machine.

Nice Jammer!  I’m just catching up with the Amiga world - during its heigh days I was an SGI snob and only ever had anything to do with Amiga when I visited my friend, Matt Merkovich, who worked on Babylon 5 as an animator at the time, and whose incessant ranting about his Video Toaster rig pretty much annihilated my early interest.  (Still got my SGI machines, though… ;)

So I would love to hear some tips on fun things to do with the Amiga .. I got Workbench 3.1 up and running on my A500 Mini, and am having a blast falling over its crazy UI .. what would be the best way to get into a bit of development, like - IDE/Editor, compiler environment, etc?  I’d prefer C/C++/Assembly, but I’m open to learning more about the wackier languages that Amiga supported back in the day. 

Speaking of Assembly I got ChibiAkuma’s *excellent* Assembly language books last week and its really inspiring .. check those out if you haven’t seen it yet: <> ...  I’m setting up a retro-computing exhibit again this year (, and will have a few cross-platform assembly workshops planned towards the end of the year.  Would love to have an Amiga-based setup to put into that...

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