Amiga music-making

Peter Korsten peter at
Fri Apr 15 11:41:33 CEST 2022

Hey Jay,

> So we got an Amiga Mini in the mail on release day last week and spent the weekend playing some old games and what it. It is truly a wonderful time to be a retro- nerd.

There are so many projects like these. A mini Amiga was only a matter of 
time. And it's probably going to last longer than a venerable Amiga, 
which is now 35 years old.

> I know some of you are Amiga nuts - so what software do you recommend we ge t into for some old school music making?  I wanna learn as well as reach the kids about Mods and trackers, so I hope you’ll give me your sage advice on the subject..
> Im guessing PeoTracker but there are probably some overlooked gems out there?

ProTracker, and if you feel up to it, OctaTracker. The latter mixes two 
samples on one channel, so that you can play eight channels at a time. 
You end up with effectively 7 bit samples, of course.

I used to use Sonic in the beginning, which is interesting because it 
has a software synth on board. You can draw your own waveforms with the 
mouse. But it's very traditional, not a tracker, in the way it 
represents notes. When I say "software synth", bear in mind that this 
was written for an Amiga 1000. Expectations should not be too high.

- Peter

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