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Back when I had an Amiga 500 (first computer I bought for myself with my first summer job!) I eventually got a cheap MIDI interface and a copy  of Bars & Pipes Pro.   That was some fun sequencing (well, it was my first sequencing).  I had that and a Yamaha TG33 I bought and a Mirage Rack I found at a pawn shop for $100.   Those were the days..


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So we got an Amiga Mini in the mail on release day last week and spent the weekend playing some old games and what it. It is truly a wonderful time to be a retro- nerd.

And now it’s time to turn it into a music-making machine and here is where I turn to the expertise of the ‘bar.

I know some of you are Amiga nuts - so what software do you recommend we ge t into for some old school music making?  I wanna learn as well as reach the kids about Mods and trackers, so I hope you’ll give me your sage advice on the subject..

Im guessing PeoTracker but there are probably some overlooked gems out there?

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