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Tue Apr 12 10:31:38 CEST 2022

> But then we loaded up a USB stick with WHDLoad-compatible files and .. wow
>> .. it was overwhelming, to be honest.  Such a huge and fruitful library of
>> titles to check out .. we’re committed (me and the boys) to learning more
>> about the Amiga world through those files over the next few months.
That was going to be my next question - how does it load/run the WHDL's :)

The Amiga Mini is ASIC-based, and is more of an implementation than
> emulation, imho.  I am not enough of an Amiga nerd to know all the
> intricacies, but it seems to me to be doing a pretty good job of it.

I think I've just expected too much from the c64 mini. Initially, I didn't
even plan to get it, but one day, Amazon had them for 19.95, so it was hard
to resist :D
I can always put the Pi4 in the case and make it something more universal.

> There were some reviews that A/B’ed a real Amiga with the Mini, same game,
> and noticed timing differences that might have an impact.  Its one of the
> reasons I’m so curious about music-making on it - will this system have its
> own ’style’ that adds to the effort, lets see ..

I did make some music on Amiga in the past, but I think it was Octamed
and/or Fasttracker

> I’ve got local pals who have spare Amigas for me if I need them (for the
> exhibit) but they’re getting pretty expensive to find on the market these
> days.  Certainly a retro- revival happening.
Yes, prices are gone crazy. I really regret selling my Amigas. Luckily, I
have almost all Sinclair machines (except ZX80 and Sinclair PC) because I
haven't been selling them.

Venray, NL
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