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> I'm curious, what's your opinion about it after some more time.

We played through all the onboard games in an evening, and its fun to have Another World and Stunt Car Racer readily accessible for those short breaks between sessions and so on.

But then we loaded up a USB stick with WHDLoad-compatible files and .. wow .. it was overwhelming, to be honest.  Such a huge and fruitful library of titles to check out .. we’re committed (me and the boys) to learning more about the Amiga world through those files over the next few months.

> I got the C64mini some time ago, but was disappointed by it being just a SoC with an emulator. That's why I wasn't really interested in the Amiga mini, thinking, it might be the same.

The Amiga Mini is ASIC-based, and is more of an implementation than emulation, imho.  I am not enough of an Amiga nerd to know all the intricacies, but it seems to me to be doing a pretty good job of it.

There were some reviews that A/B’ed a real Amiga with the Mini, same game, and noticed timing differences that might have an impact.  Its one of the reasons I’m so curious about music-making on it - will this system have its own ’style’ that adds to the effort, lets see .. 

> Regarding the real Amiga - yes, that would be great. Sadly, I've had A1200 and A500 in the past and sold them cheap......

I’ve got local pals who have spare Amigas for me if I need them (for the exhibit) but they’re getting pretty expensive to find on the market these days.  Certainly a retro- revival happening.

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