Summer Jam The Hague 2021

Jay Vaughan ibisum at
Tue Sep 7 22:53:55 CEST 2021

> Well that was fun, indeed! Thank you all for joining :) I’m glad we got a bit of music done, although this time the balance really tipped towards hanging out/The Hague tourist mode :)

.. we *also* got your new studio  setup, configured and operational - its not like we weren’t productive.  Just that it was a lot of work and it took a few days for us to get inspired again.  Plus, so many great bottles opened that had to be finished off:  **Important Music-bar Fact**: Joost has almost as many synths in his racks as high-class bottles of wine stored all over the house. This needs to be factored into future jam calculations a lot more carefully.  ;)

I’m going through the recordings though .. and in spite of big gaps of silence, there are actually some good bits.  A lot of faff, but there were moments of clarity where things got a bit coordinated - and that is something I sincerely like to hear in all jam recordings, no matter the faff.

Plus, great quality recordings.  Practically zero hum.  I guess the Presonus was a great decision.  Satisfied with it, Joost?

> Not that this is bad. Micke (or was it you Jay?) mentioned we should introduce a new rule, gotta have a working studio before the jam starts.

Yeah.. it was mostly just my observation that actually a lot of jam steam ran low after the 30th cable …

> Ahh, that was my goal, but failed miserably… but I’m very happy we all put our brains together to really organize the setup. Everything hooked up, repositioned stuff, no excuse to not make that album ;)

IMHO it was great to have the opportunity to hang out and enjoy each others company, and to have a few discussions off-list that were needed, too.

Time sure is rolling along.


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