New gear

Peter Korsten peter at
Mon Jul 12 20:26:30 CEST 2021

Hey Jay,

> Zynthian:
> <>
> Has a ton of great synths, doesn’t require you to engage in any 
> criminal activity.  Latest update is amazing and rich and delightful 
> .. I challenge you to  dig into it.  Definitely an under-sold product, 
> and terribly misunderstood: its a complete open synth platform, with 
> literally hundreds of synths, and their presets, to investigate.

I know the Zynthian from Marek, who espoused its virtues on Facebook. 
It's an interesting device. I don't like the form factor, so I'd have to 
see how to wrestle it into a 1U rack, and what effect that would have on 
the UI.

> I got the original device which works wonderfully once you assemble 
> it, and I also installed ZynthianOS on this:
> <>
> .. which supports Zynthian and is, really, just a wonderful digital 
> synth engine to have at hand.  Fits smartly on the desk, too...

Nice. Not entirely suited for what I have in mind, but still nice.

- Peter

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