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Jay Vaughan ibisum at
Mon Jul 12 21:01:58 CEST 2021

> I know the Zynthian from Marek, who espoused its virtues on Facebook. It's an interesting device. I don't like the form factor, so I'd have to see how to wrestle it into a 1U rack, and what effect that would have on the UI.

Apropros wrestling 1U racks, I have pretty much replaced all my old favourite synths with desktop boxes, and my new paradigm is a shoe-shelf collection of oddities and greats:

VacoLoco ZIRA
MODAL Skulpt
MODAL Craft 2
Mutable Anushri
Arturia MicroFreak
IK Uno Pro
1010Music Blackbox
1010Music Bluebox

.. this is essentially a complete replacement for my 90’s 19” rig, and has the bonus that I can easily take bits of it to other spots and places for jams.

Yesterday for example, I bagged up the 1010Music thingies+MicroFreak+Uno and inserted it  into my friends' MPC+Doepfer-Modular rig for an evening jam, and it was so easy and fun and delightful to walk away with a Bluebox full of new material. 

Anyway, I’m finding Its actually a bit more comfy than the 19” rack, which I have relegated to inactivity in my realm, because my new rig is after all, just a shoe shelf that ‘fits in’ with the dimensions of the other furniture …

I’ll no doubt need to add another Bluebox soon, because .. there’s always new shoes to wear ..


<RaspTouch+I-Sabre Zynthian Host>
> Nice. Not entirely suited for what I have in mind, but still nice.

Again the form-factor here works really well, but note that it could also function quite solidly as a monitor stand/media control station … 


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