New gear

Peter Korsten peter at
Sat Jul 10 21:05:36 CEST 2021

Hey Joost,

> Hah! Ordered one too today. 90-ies rack coming along nicely. If only I 
> can find that N1R…

This one?

What's so special about it?

On my wish list are:

  * Waldorf Microwave II (not the XT; too big and too overpriced)
  * Waldorf Micro Q rack
  * Jomox AirBase 99 (no space for a desktop unit and I have the EMX-1
  * Some MOTU audio interface, because the 01V is just too big
  * Roland Integra-7 at some point
  * Whatever else is interesting and doesn't require me to engage in
    criminal activity in order to be able to afford it; the FS1R comes
    to mind as something severely overpriced

- Peter

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