New gear

Peter Korsten peter at
Sat Jul 10 20:55:51 CEST 2021

Hey Martin,

> What stops you from getting the Korg Collection? It's not hardware, but it covers the Korg 90's sound. The Triton VST is good enough that I finally dared to retire my loved old Trinity two weeks ago... (Ok, there's more to the retirement story, which was actually a major studio reconfiguration - but without the Triton VST I wouldn't have dropped the Trinity).

Well, in my case, I have this Arturia KeyLab controller keyboard, and 
the Arturia V-Collection. It's the best possible integration imaginable, 
right? But I still find it cumbersome to use software synths. This week, 
I realised that I had no idea how to route a hardware synth through the 
audio interface into the PC and out of the PC speakers.

So instead, I got a couple of cables and converters (it's REALLY 
convenient that there is a music shop 30 seconds away from where I work, 
and probably also a bit dangerous), and hooked up the PC speakers to the 
audio interface (M-Audio 2x2M; my first and also last M-Audio product). 
The only issue is that there's a hum, coming from the inputs, which are 
currently connected to my Korg Wavestation SR.

Oh, did I mention that I got a Korg Wavestation SR? 🙂

- Peter

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