please talk me out of buying a ...

tom adam tom.adam at
Sun Feb 7 20:27:15 CET 2021

Nice, why would you sell it?

I have an UAD card in my PC now, but I hardly use it. Let's just keep it 
to the fact that I'm a hardware kind of guy who doesn't trust software ;-)

I must say that the demo's I've heard from Strymon are cool and they 
have an eurorack version of it too, tempting. But alas no tape passing by!


On 7/02/2021 20:07, James Coplin wrote:
> I have an SRE-555 and I love it but they have become so expensive, and 
> there are such good emulations, I'm probably going to sell it.
> The UAD plugins are good and the Strymon pedals nail tape really well.
> James
> On Feb 7, 2021, at 1:03 PM, tom adam <tom.adam at 
> <mailto:tom.adam at>> wrote:
>     tape delay...
>     I just fixed an RE-501 and the owner just send me a mail that I can buy
>     it for a fair price. But a fair price is still, well impressive.
>     But the sound, the joy and the coolness of this thing is, well impressive!
>     So, it's not that I can't afford it, but it's like buying that Plymouth
>     of 1958, I will spend more time fixing it than driving it and I actually
>     don't have the time (and the skills) to fix a car... Unfortunately I do
>     have the skills to fix a tape delay so the comparison doesn't fly... but
>     you get the point I actually don't need a tape delay, but I so want one ;-)
>     Anyone knows how the emulations compare to the originals? The seller
>     switches over to a Strymon Volante and he claims they sound the same.
>     Cheers,
>     ToAd
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