please talk me out of buying a ...

James Coplin james at
Sun Feb 7 20:07:47 CET 2021

I have an SRE-555 and I love it but they have become so expensive, and there are such good emulations, I'm probably going to sell it.

The UAD plugins are good and the Strymon pedals nail tape really well.


On Feb 7, 2021, 1:03 PM, at 1:03 PM, tom adam <tom.adam at> wrote:
>tape delay...
>I just fixed an RE-501 and the owner just send me a mail that I can buy
>it for a fair price. But a fair price is still, well impressive.
>But the sound, the joy and the coolness of this thing is, well
>So, it's not that I can't afford it, but it's like buying that Plymouth
>of 1958, I will spend more time fixing it than driving it and I
>don't have the time (and the skills) to fix a car... Unfortunately I do
>have the skills to fix a tape delay so the comparison doesn't fly...
>you get the point I actually don't need a tape delay, but I so want one
>Anyone knows how the emulations compare to the originals? The seller 
>switches over to a Strymon Volante and he claims they sound the same.
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