Rpi distro update

Peter Korsten peter at severity-one.com
Sat Feb 6 20:42:50 CET 2021

Op 5-2-2021 om 20:11 schreef Jay Vaughan:
> ncidentally, I’ve been doing a lot of embedded ARM work over the last 
> few years, and its pretty neat to see how far the raspberry pi 
> foundation is penetrating into this field.  Its no wonder Microsoft is 
> along for the ride … the CM3, etc. is quite competitive.  Fun to see 
> Toradex and Acme respond with breakout boards …

I have a CM3 (currently upgrading) and a Pi 4 8GB. They're really neat 
little devices. I got a 24 port switch in my living room, partly because 
I want to connect more Raspberry Pis.

Now I'm just waiting for the black Pi 400, and perhaps a mini-ITX 
carrier board for the CM4 so that I can build it into my gorgeous 
Checkmate A1500+ desktop case.

- Peter

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