Rpi distro update

Jay Vaughan ibisum at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 20:45:59 CET 2021

> I have a CM3 (currently upgrading) and a Pi 4 8GB. They're really neat little devices. I got a 24 port switch in my living room, partly because I want to connect more Raspberry Pis.

Got a couple hundred of these deployed:

https://www.acmesystems.it/doc_cm3-home <https://www.acmesystems.it/doc_cm3-home>

Can vouch for their being a great solution for adding peripherals to the CM3 ..

> Now I'm just waiting for the black Pi 400, and perhaps a mini-ITX carrier board for the CM4 so that I can build it into my gorgeous Checkmate A1500+ desktop case.

We love our Pi400’s .. got one of them running ZynthianOS full-time though, seems I need another .. ;)

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