New gear

Peter Korsten peter at
Wed Aug 18 22:00:02 CEST 2021

Hey Joost,

> I have to admit something, I’ve got some serious 90-ies GAS too. Just 
> bought a second hand CS6x. I have no reason for it, since it has such 
> a big overlap with the EX5. 

My apologies if I caused your GAS. 😁

> But it was only 275 euros, with the AN board. And when it came out (22 years ago!!) I always wanted to try it, but no store had it on demo, so… couldn’t resist?

Check the asking prices for the AN board on Ebay and Reverb. €275 is a 
very sweet deal for both. I've been sort-of contemplating a CS6r with 
two AN boards, because I can't put the AN1x anywhere, but prices are silly.

The AN1x is arguably one of the most underrated synths ever. Just 
because it looks cheap and doesn't have star prodigy, I feel it often 
gets overlooked. Some of the demos out there on YouTube are amazing.

- Peter

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