New song - Hiss'story

Jay Vaughan ibisum at
Mon Jan 13 20:05:53 CET 2020

>'story_Sat_11_1_2020.wav <'story_Sat_11_1_2020.wav>

First thoughts:

Nice, clean production … feels very cultivated at first.

Double-tracked vocals are great.

Vocal/Music balance is great - I can discern the vocals while still getting immersed in the music.

Needs a really thrashy middle-eight, imho .. some kinda break at least .. the music is interesting, but it doesn’t seem to get its chance.

Also, I imagine I could hear a really fine, whispery pad sound in my head towards the end of the track, which I think would add to it.

Generally, a great track!  I fell that its very slick and quite well polished, and the production is very nice.  Only thing I’d add is a middle-eight break, ad some pad variation in the outro.

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