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NI do the fully weighted version: S88.  Unfortunately its even more pricey than the S61..



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> > Any pros and cons to share?
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> So, my new-found chops and passionate love for music-making is coming
> from the fact of my setting up my Yamaha CLP-30(*), and using it as the
> master controller for everything.  It is a pretty old piece of junk, but it is really
> freakin’ awesome, to be honest.  I have full piano-playin’ love back in the
> mix, and the dynamics are neat too.  Weighted keys are really worth the
> effort.  Everything else sits on top, so I still have Fatar keybeds if I want them,
> but Yamaha weighted controllers are lovely.
> So, my only advice is, before you get comfy with some new plastic thing,
> check out the fully-weighted, piano-controller options available to you.
> While I wouldn’t recommend a CLP-30 (coz its a bit janky after all these years,
> although I love janky pianos, so ymmv..), perhaps there is another ‘fully-
> weighted piano controller’ option in the mix?
> (*-
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