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I can totally vouch for the benefits of water exercise.  I had a nagging football injury in my left knee that wasn't going away despite my own attempts at PT-ing it.  
But this last trip to Hawaii, every time I was in the water, I deliberately worked those areas, trying to get as much of the water resistance to work against.  And man, that totally did it.  

Next I am afflicted with some sports-related injury, am going to hit the H2O right away :-)
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Hi Peter,

once you started doing exercises, you get addicted to it.

After a couple of very unhealthy years, I've decided to change things, 
to take control over my health.
So I quit smoking, reduced my alcohol usage to practically zero and 
started exercising. Now I run 30 to 50km a week (at a rate of 12km/h) 
and swim 2 days, every time 2,5km (at a rate of 1km in 15min) and guess 
what; I'm feeling great!
Now, I'm not suggesting you start running with a bad back, but swimming 
would be a nice place to start and is great for you condition. Take 
lessons as swimming is a technical sport. Buy good googles!

Just hang in there, once you turned it into a habit you'll want more:-)


Toad (contemplating on buying a bike and start training for a triathlon, 
as my sister is doing... it doesn't seem unachievable any more)

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