JMJ Oxygene 3

Peter Korsten peter at
Tue Dec 6 19:21:46 CET 2016

Op 6-12-2016 om 13:50 schreef Marek Szulen:
> Anyone already had a chance to listen to this album?

Not yet. It's on its way from Amazon, together with Electronica and 
Electronica 2 (which I didn't even know about).

> A couple of years ago, I've been really a hardcore fan of Jean Michel.
> After he went out of the path and started to release 
> strange/commercial albums (Teo&Tea, Geometry of Love, Sessions 2000, 
> Electronica, etc) I've narrowed my fan'ism (haha) to only old albums.

I used to buy pretty much any CD, CD-single, and CD-maxi that came out. 
I've got the 10th Anniversary Box. I've got both the UK version and the 
French version of Images. I went to the Concert d'Images exhibition in 
Paris in 1989, to the Paris La Défense concert in 1990, to the concert 
at Mont Saint-Michel, and the Concert pour la Tolérance in Paris in 
1995. I've got books, songbooks and even a couple of bootlegs. One of 
the few things I don't have is Music for Supermarkets, for obvious 
reasons. Also, I've steered clear of the compilation albums.

But while Métamorphoses had its moments, it was pretty much downhill 
from there. Jarre seemed to have lost interest, or the plot altogether, 
and I too moved on. I think I've listened to Téo & Téa (which Jarre 
himself thinks is crap), Geometry of Love (no longer for sale, with the 
pubis of Isabelle Adjani on the cover) and Sessions 2000 just once.

The reason why I got Oxygène 3 is mostly because I have all the rest, 
and hey, Oxygène 8-13 was an excellent album. His last good album, if 
you ask me.

- Peter

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