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Fri Dec 9 19:34:37 CET 2016

Hi Peter,

once you started doing exercises, you get addicted to it.

After a couple of very unhealthy years, I've decided to change things, 
to take control over my health.
So I quit smoking, reduced my alcohol usage to practically zero and 
started exercising. Now I run 30 to 50km a week (at a rate of 12km/h) 
and swim 2 days, every time 2,5km (at a rate of 1km in 15min) and guess 
what; I'm feeling great!
Now, I'm not suggesting you start running with a bad back, but swimming 
would be a nice place to start and is great for you condition. Take 
lessons as swimming is a technical sport. Buy good googles!

Just hang in there, once you turned it into a habit you'll want more:-)


Toad (contemplating on buying a bike and start training for a triathlon, 
as my sister is doing... it doesn't seem unachievable any more)

On 08/12/2016 23:34, Peter Korsten wrote:
> Op 8-12-2016 om 11:27 schreef Gert van Santen:
>> Something else I don't like - there's a complete bathroom renovation 
>> going on at my house. One and a half week ago I felt some of the 
>> tiles under my feet move, and I called the housing department. We 
>> went from "just glueing the stones back" to "complete renovation" in 
>> a couple of hours, and now we suddenly are in this huge mess.
>> The whole thing will take 2,5-3 weeks. There's loads of strangers 
>> going in and out, making a terrible amount of noise, using our 
>> bathroom, eating at my dining room table, burping, shouting, leaving 
>> the door open all the time (it's cold!). And they start work at 7:30 
>> in the morning, so I have to get up at 7:00. Oh, and we have to 
>> shower at some neighbours house.
>> Looking forward to the end of this...
>> Cheers from a rather grumpy me. 
> Grumpy old man. :)
> I get up at 7:00 every day. That used to be 6:00, but my current job 
> (after 15 years of Vodafone) starts at 9:00. But tomorrow I'm getting 
> up at 5:50, to get our son on the school van and to give my wife a 
> break. Today is a public holiday, so is Tuesday, and I took tomorrow 
> (Friday) and Monday off, to have a mini-break.
> (After which I have three days of work, and another two weeks of 
> leave. Ah well.)
> Our neighbours have pulled down their house and are now building 
> flats, five floors in al. Because we have a shared wall, we now have 
> cracks in our wall, and water coming in whenever it rains hard (which 
> it tends to do in Malta in winter). Fun times.
> Meanwhile, I had my first MRI scan two weeks ago. It turns out that I 
> have what is called a large prolapse between lumbar vertebrae 4 and 5 
> (in other words, a slipped disc), and moderate facet joint disease for 
> good measure. That would explain the sometimes unbearable pain in my 
> back and legs (because the spilled tissue presses on nerves).
> It means that I actually have to start exercising, something that I'm 
> not looking forward to. :)
> - Peter
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