Grumpy old men (was: JMJ Oxygene 3)

Peter Korsten peter at
Thu Dec 8 23:34:40 CET 2016

Op 8-12-2016 om 11:27 schreef Gert van Santen:
> Something else I don't like - there's a complete bathroom renovation 
> going on at my house. One and a half week ago I felt some of the tiles 
> under my feet move, and I called the housing department. We went from 
> "just glueing the stones back" to "complete renovation" in a couple of 
> hours, and now we suddenly are in this huge mess.
> The whole thing will take 2,5-3 weeks. There's loads of strangers 
> going in and out, making a terrible amount of noise, using our 
> bathroom, eating at my dining room table, burping, shouting, leaving 
> the door open all the time (it's cold!). And they start work at 7:30 
> in the morning, so I have to get up at 7:00. Oh, and we have to shower 
> at some neighbours house.
> Looking forward to the end of this...
> Cheers from a rather grumpy me. 

Grumpy old man. :)

I get up at 7:00 every day. That used to be 6:00, but my current job 
(after 15 years of Vodafone) starts at 9:00. But tomorrow I'm getting up 
at 5:50, to get our son on the school van and to give my wife a break. 
Today is a public holiday, so is Tuesday, and I took tomorrow (Friday) 
and Monday off, to have a mini-break.

(After which I have three days of work, and another two weeks of leave. 
Ah well.)

Our neighbours have pulled down their house and are now building flats, 
five floors in al. Because we have a shared wall, we now have cracks in 
our wall, and water coming in whenever it rains hard (which it tends to 
do in Malta in winter). Fun times.

Meanwhile, I had my first MRI scan two weeks ago. It turns out that I 
have what is called a large prolapse between lumbar vertebrae 4 and 5 
(in other words, a slipped disc), and moderate facet joint disease for 
good measure. That would explain the sometimes unbearable pain in my 
back and legs (because the spilled tissue presses on nerves).

It means that I actually have to start exercising, something that I'm 
not looking forward to. :)

- Peter

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