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Jay Vaughan ibisum at
Tue May 23 18:25:32 CEST 2023

> Talking to the users among my friends, it seems like a polarizing instrument. Some half of them have expressed frustration with bugs, delivery, etc, while the others claim it’s still the best thing to happen to their studios for a while. Where do the MB-ers fall?

Haven’t had the LCD update yet, don’t really need it, I’m not pushing the Deluge into oblivion - its a pretty great drum machine, all things considered, for my needs .. and serves as multi-timbral synth/groove box very nicely along the analog/digital synths I’m using right now (Deluge, SH101, Virus) as my ’trinity’ setup.  With my new-found bachelor freedoms I’m finding a lot of time to jam and have been coming home and doing an instant track/session/blah now, solidly, for a few weeks .. My next thing is to work out how to properly get the SH101 into the mix, because actually I’m finding free-running sequencing with the SH101 and the Deluge, versus the Virus arpeggiators, is a little more inspiring than hard sync across the MIDI/CV gap, and besides that, whatever I do I can’t quite get the Deluge/SH101 happily engaged with one another.  I think I need a Kenton box and/or more Eurorack, because the main thing is I want to trigger the SH101, as I *love* to “load” sequences in it, live-like, over and over.  Well, I definitely need more Eurorack - which is why I think the Deluge is key, because it crosses the  MIDI/CV+Gate gap quite nice, or so I hear … If I had to take one piece with me in the apocalypse, its the Deluge I’d want to have with me on the emergency food line/train/space-ship outta here .. (with headphones) .. Assuming of course the iPad had been used as body armour earlier in my evacuation, otherwise .. Well, I could of course get rid of everything and just use an iPad.  Someone once said on the -bar that the Deluge was really just a fancy iPad app, and .. well .. its kind of true.  

But darn if it isn’t a fine jam machine/composer/loop station.  Sell all the stuff and re-build around it.

Jay Vaughan
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