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As is usually the case, I don’t run into these bugs everyone is talking about.   Something I always remember is that people are much more likely to complain than praise.  For me, it’s been solid.

I am very eager to get the display upgrade.   My biggest issues with it, involve file management and navigating a file system, etc, essentially blind.   Aside from that, though, it solves problems in my live/jam rig that my MPC or Akai Force just couldn’t.


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Talking to the users among my friends, it seems like a polarizing instrument. Some half of them have expressed frustration with bugs, delivery, etc, while the others claim it’s still the best thing to happen to their studios for a while. Where do the MB-ers fall?

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I just got a Deluge a few weeks ago.   Im very interested to see what the community does with it.   I'm thinking of getting a second one to run the community branch on.  Maybe contribute a few ideas myself.   It will be fun just to dig through the code and break it 😃


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