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Hi Andy,
I was in the exact same position a couple of years ago.
Long story short, I decided to drastically reduce the amount of HW I was going to take on stage. I knew I was not going to manage a complex set as I also needed to ’sing’ from time to time.
I got me one of these: Cymatic Audio LP16 to do multitrack playback. (This eliminated the Laptop from the equation), bought me a small euro rack modular (so I had something to do during the gig), and for the rest enjoyed the show a lot.
The nice thing with the LP16 is that it’s more than just a wav file player with multiple outputs. The downside is that you loose some flexibility…
It gave me a midi clock signal for my modular and with the multiple out’s I was able to connect some eft boxes and play these life too. 

I’m sure whatever way you decide to go, it’s going to be great fun!

Tom Adam
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> On 12 Mar 2023, at 13:55, Andrew Robinson <andrew at> wrote:
> Hello 'Barians
> So, someone liked my album* enough to book me to play a short gig - 30/40 minutes, in early June. This is great, I have loads of time to rehearse, but the problem is that I've been pretty much evangelically 100% 'in the box' since as soon as that was physically possible, so I have absolutely no idea about live set-ups. Time to turn to the 'bar and to pick your brains on what I need to buy so that I'm not just pressing play on a laptop then having nothing to do for half an hour. If it's affordable to make this laptop-free, great, because then I'll be able to VJ from my MacBook. My keyboard skills are not amazing, so I mostly want to be able to sequence existing audio on the fly, and play a few simple top lines/spot samples.
> Here's what my ideal set-up would be able to do. I have no idea if this is trivial, impossible, cheap, prohibitively expensive, and if I'm going to need 10 boxes or 1 (the fewer the better BTW). 
> Live arranging: 
> I want to cut my music up into sets of 16 bar stems, maybe a couple of dozen sets of 8-16 of them, and loop them. I want to be able to pick which ones to mute / unmute next time the loop point comes round before it gets there, and/or switch to a different set of stems for the next track/section of track.
> Sequencing: 
> It would be nice to be able to trigger my TR-909 over midi and two or 3 TB-303s/clones via DIN sync, in time with the above.
> Keyboard multi-samples: 
> It would be nice to be able to trigger spot samples live, via my Korg NanoKey2 or similar. 
> It would be nice if the sample set automatically changed with the sets of stems above, but not essential.
> Mixing: 
> All the above needs to be mixed down a stereo pair. I think I'll need about 16 channels because of the 909's individual outs.
> Would be nice to have: 
> Reverb/EQ/distortion at the mixdown stage
> Triggering video playback in VLC in sync with the sets of stems.
> Small size.
> Affordable.
> Possibility for one or two one of my mates to plug in an electric guitar / sing.
> Not really needed:
> Any new synth/rompler functionality
> Heavy multi-effects capability
>, what should I be buying?
> - Andy_R
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