My own track...

Matt Seil xeno6696 at
Sat Mar 4 18:37:38 CET 2023

This is my first full song in about 17yrs, but don't feel like you have 
to pull punches if there's issues.  I entered a compilation for the 
Youtube channel EZBOT.  It was a "synthwave" themed compilation, and I 
never even listened to that genre really until the competition, so I do 
ask forgiveness if I take some incredible liberties here.

The range of influences on this song are varied and don't sound right 
saying them out loud ROFL.  I'll share if anyone wants to know but in 
coming back to music I made a conscious decision not to think too much 
about my "aesthetic" and to just write whatever comes up.  For this 
track I used:  Digitone, Dreadbox Nymphes, Access Virus, Behringer RD-8, 
and the 1010 Blackbox.  Once the mastered track is done I'll publish 

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