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Joost Schuttelaar joost at
Mon Apr 10 11:23:37 CEST 2023

Hi Matt!

> What I'm trying to achieve:  I want osc2 to start out at the same pitch as Osc1 but then bend up one semitone.  I'm aiming to be able to do this for the whole circle of fifths though, so not just the one semitone, ideally I'd like to be able to quickly dial this up for whatever song I happen to be playing with.  
> My ask is this, is there a chart somewhere that my google skills hasn't uncovered where some kind of relationship to semitones and osc % pitch values are charted out?  Or is this one of those things that everyone just does with an o-scope and says "Dude, you're really overthinking this!”

I think I’d set the pitch bend range to 7 semitones, and only route that to osc 2. Then you can just tweak that whenever :)


Joost Schuttelaar
The Hague, NL

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