Eventide H8000fw opinions?

Tony Hardie-Bick tony at entity.net
Tue Sep 20 15:41:59 CEST 2022

There is quite a lot of genuine secret sauce (along the lines of: don't
interpolate the pitch shifting air-motion properly, drop an odd number
of samples randomly selected from the buffer) in the best reverb algos.

This is completely unlike the world of filters and oscillators, where
everything you need for the absolute best result is quite
well-documented, e.g.

You can find similarly confident-sounding documents about reverb, but
that won't necessarily get you that weird shimmering effect that some
particular Eventide unit had ;)

That's my impression, at least, having not done a deep dive into the


On 20/09/2022 09:56, Joost Schuttelaar wrote:
> On 20 Sep 2022, at 04:35, James Coplin <james at ticalun.net> wrote:
>> As far as the Axe-FX III is concerned, it's brilliant, I have one, and it's not going anywhere thanks to a really great guy on this list ;) Everyone should get one and I'm sure Chicago Tony shares this opinion with me. 
> I was under the impression that a modern FX like the Axe-FX III does everything the H8000 can do, and more? Modern beefy chips, et al.
> Or are there still some secret sauce algorithms out there, that are not covered? It can’t be about patents anymore (like the physical modelling, autotune & FM stuff in the past)...

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