Eventide H8000fw opinions?

James Coplin james at ticalun.net
Tue Sep 20 04:35:12 CEST 2022

As far as the Axe-FX III is concerned, it's brilliant, I have one, and 
it's not going anywhere thanks to a really great guy on this list ;) 
Everyone should get one and I'm sure Chicago Tony shares this opinion 
with me.

This is kind of a talk me off the ledge question. So, I've recently 
liquidated a good bit of old gear that has put quite the windfall in my 
gear account. Further, I'm actually in a place with my studio where I'm 
not really wanting and certainly not needing anything. That said, I have 
the cash and I've always kind of wanted an Orville or a H8000. However, 
Orville's are going for as much as H8000 so it doesn't make much sense 
to get one.

I recently purchased a Lexicon PCM81 and it's pretty much replaced my 
Kurzweil KSP8 as my main reverb. The KSP8 has long been my main multi FX 
unit (for those who don't know, its 4 full stereo FX processors with 
tons of ins and outs) I've found the past several years though, I 
generally only ever use 1 of the processors and sometimes two but 
largely never 3 or 4. So, I'm considering selling it. The H8000 would 
give me 2 channels and supposedly be a step up in FX quality and not be 
too much of a stretch given my current cash on hand. However, it also 
may be super overkill and even though I have the cash, $3500 is a lot 
for a multiFX no matter how good they are. I'm also considering the 
Eventide Eclipse as it can be had for closer to $1000 and maybe it will 
serve my needs. I don't really need all the VSIG power of rolling my own 

As far as usage, I have reverbs covered but I am a sucker for the 
occasional Eventide pitched verb though I generally prefer the chorusy 
Lexi clouds better. I see the eventide mainly for thickening up the mono 
analog signal paths in the studio, interesting filtered delays, and some 
reverb duties. Anything requiring amp, distortion etc, is going to the 
Axe-FX III so those algos would never get touched in an Eventide.

So, do I sit on cash, get the Eclipse for the Eventide type chorus and 
pitch and be content with tweaking presets (which honestly is probably 
what I'll mostly do even on the H8000), or is it worth stepping up to 
the H8000?


Matt Picone wrote on 9/18/2022 11:02 AM:
> I have a lot of experience with the H8000. I was one of the beta 
> testers during its development. What are you going to do with it?
> /(Shameless plug: have you checked out the Axe-Fx III?)/
> On 9/17/22 6:55 PM, James Coplin wrote:
>> Thinking of selling my Kurzweil KSP8 and replacing it with an 
>> Eventide H8000fw. Anyone have first hand knowledge about the H8000fw? 
>> It's a bit of a budget stretch and I don't want to get it and then 
>> dislike it.
>> James
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