Arturia MiniFreak

Peter Korsten peter at
Thu Nov 24 22:45:33 CET 2022

Hey Tony,

> I really, really like mine!  Ive created a good bank of custom sounds 
> on it already. The keyboard feels much better than any set of minikeys 
> should and the way they implemented the touch strips for the mod 
> wheels is really fantastic (I prefer strips to wheels, since they 
> introduce new playing styles).
> There is also some rumblings that a new OS for it is going to be 
> released with the VST plugin/editor that’s going to have some nice 
> additions..

This is one where I'm going to wait and see. The most acute problem 
would be that I really have nowhere to put it. No doubt they'll show up 
cheap second hand soon enough.

> For the STVC…I’d just buy the plug in for $50 and skip the hardware.

Just did so, although it's only €33.

- Peter
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