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Peter Korsten peter at
Thu Nov 24 22:37:55 CET 2022

Op 23-11-2022 om 15:03 schreef
> Speaking of the STVC, Waldorf just released Streichfett as a plugin, for 30€

I saw that, and I'll be getting that. Much safer in case I don't like 
it, and I don't have the need for a vocoder anyway.

And I finally got my hands on a Novation Super Bass Station for an 
relatively normal price today.

> Berhringer also has a Solina String machine in the works but who knows when it will be available in stores?

There's this really obscure German DIY FM module from 1986 that I got 
for €72 on eBay. Now, 4OP FM is nothing special, not even at 24 voices, 
but it has an analogue chorus and yes, it can sound like a string synth. 
Equinoxe part 1? Not a problem.

Need to fix it though, or at least figure out why I'm not getting sound 
from it.

> Sorry for lurking, I’ll try to post more :)
> Wishing Happy Thanksgiving from the States!

Those poor turkeys. 🙂

- Peter

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