Synths for sale ..

Peter Korsten peter at
Tue Nov 1 17:36:56 CET 2022

Op 31-10-2022 om 22:40 schreef James Coplin:
> The JD-990 is great, especially with the Vintage Synth card installed. 
> I'd give it a chance before moving it on. It's the only PCM synth in 
> my entire studio other than the Wavestations. I bought mine when they 
> were new and it's not going anywhere.james

I hear you, but I specifically got it as something I could sell for a 
profit. Although the US voltage may be a hindrance.

But the crazy thing is that these go for more or less the same price as 
an Integra-7, and that's a module that I'm definitely interested in. 
Without the opportunity to listen to one, my feeling is that the 
Integra-7 is a superset of the JD-990. It may lack a bit of perceived 
character, but where the JD-990 is one of the first of a line of Roland 
modules, the Integra-7 is the final one. There's almost 20 years between 
the two.

- Peter

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