Synths for sale ..

Peter Korsten peter at
Tue Nov 1 17:27:38 CET 2022

Op 31-10-2022 om 21:35 schreef Jay Vaughan:

> I’ve seen them consistently sell for 1800 ~ 2000 in the last few months.
> Like I said, I’d be happy to negotiate for music-bar members.

Bear in mind the 10% (I think) commission on eBay, and 5% on Reverb. 
That's the difference between €1800 and €2000. There is one for sale in 
Poland for €1750, but that appears to be the bottom end these days.

If I were you, I'd offer it for €1800 for friends, and factor in the 
commission if you sell it on one of those sites.

> See, I’m not that bothered - I’d rather it went to someone I knew so I (eventually) hear something made with it.  Maybe.  But we all know your synths are cat stands!

It's actually a soft toy of an osprey that my wife got me for my 
birthday. 🙂

- Peter

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