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Mon May 16 23:18:41 CEST 2022

 Andrew is spot on :-)
    On Monday, May 16, 2022, 01:11:52 PM PDT, Andrew Robinson <andrew at> wrote:  
 Hi Tom
First off - I love this stuff and will definitely buy the album/single/whatever these are for, but I'll dive in and criticise a lot, as that's what you're asking us to do. I have almost no complaints about the instrumentation, hardly anything to say about the arrangements, but a lot to say about mix, eq and stereo field.
Indust May: I did an a/b with Front 242's "Welcome to Paradise" and it really highlights some mix issues. Everything seems to be a mono sound panned centre or hard left/right. Coupled with a very bottom-heavy EQ, this makes whole track very muddy. I'd add a lot of top, and cut a lot at about 140 and 48Hz, pan some things half left and half right, throw the main glitchy loop sound through Izotope's Ozone Imager (free download) and chop off the last 15 seconds.
Dark Soul: Stereo and EQ much better here... Vocal samples are a touch too loud in places, overall it's nearly mono until it suddenly spreads out at about 5:00, I'd spread things out in the stereo field much more. Maybe some treatment on the vocals to make them more sinister, especially if this is on the same release as the next track.
Exp2rad Techies2: Stereo and EQ good, Vocals are a bit quiet, I'd add a subtly synth doubling the bass a couple of octaves up from about 3:00-ish, to give the track a lift. The final cymbal clash sounds like in might be a mistake, I'd lose that and fade faster.
Mar Master: Best mix/master of the 4, vocals are a bit quiet again, I'd back off the effects a bit for intelligibility's sake (a/b with 242's "Religion", where the vocals are more distorted but easier to understand). Vocal sample echos are a bit loud and possibly panned too far. Not a fan of the synth playing the 3 descending notes, just seems a bit cheesy/hammond organ, I'd try something more distorted / church organ, or have the gating effect on it from the start.
Great tracks overall!
- Andy_R

On Mon, 16 May 2022 at 20:09, tom adam <tom.adam at> wrote:

reaching a deadline from the label...

If you should find the time to listen to the next 4 tracks and just 
point out the big mistakes I would be thankful.

My favorite; pulsar / virus / eurorack:

Ugly brother of track above, same setup:

Another typical EBM song from belgium: roland Fantom 6 / virus  / 

Ugly brother of track above, same setup:

This is from my upcoming mini album 'the god damned preacher tapes'.

Thanks for listening.

PS jay, if all is well, it should have the right mp3 tags now ;-)

Cheers, Tom

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