Mono or stereo?

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If it’s accurate, say “Proteus 2000s,” which may not be correct (Proteuses
2000), but it’s a hell of a lot easier. ;)

On Thu, Mar 31, 2022 at 5:15 PM Peter Korsten <peter at>

> Hey Niall,
> > Stereo’s good if you’re using synths with onboard effects or pad
> > machines like your Proteus - or if you like the way your synth handles
> > stereo (sequenced or otherwise modulated panning effects, eg). But so
> > many sounds just aren’t suited to stereo “sourcing,” and is better
> > handled as mono and managed downstream in whatever’s doing the mixing.
> > There also a lot to be said for having one thing do the job of mixing
> > and positioning in the stereo field, rather than tweaking each
> > individual device.
> That's what I was thinking. It ought to be mentioned, though, that I
> have two Proteuses (Protei?), with quite a variety of different ROMs.
> Also, E-Mu effects tend to be weak, as Tony humorously pointed out of
> Facebook. But I can't see myself hook up a synth with 128 voices with
> sounds as diverse as dance, hip-hop, vintage synths and organs, and
> ethnic instruments, over a mono cable.
> Almost everything in the list in my reply to Jay is from the 1990s, so
> they come with built-in effects. But those may not be very good, and it
> just muddles things up.
> What I forgot to mention, though, is that I want a couple more synths,
> notably a MicroWave 2 and a Super Bass Station or maybe a Pulse+. So
> then I'd be looking at more like 24 inputs.
> > Of course a lot of this also has a lot to do with where your audio is
> > going and what you do with it - are you automating your mix with a
> > DAW, or playing a mixer (hardware or software interface), or who knows
> > what else. If you’re doing the heavy lifting of mixing on your
> > computer, it seems to me that mono channels are your best bet,
> > certainly the best use of your money.
> That's the basic idea.
> > I reckon I’m in the same camp as Jay now and when we talked about this
> > here some fifteen years ago: most sources are mono, and there’s a
> > reason mixers typically have lots of mono channels and maybe two or
> > three stereo pairs. There are, of course, exceptions, and for that, we
> > have stuff like the Speck Xtramix and other expensive stuff, or stereo
> > line mixers like the Rane SM series that can be linked via Ethernet
> > cables.
> Anything more expensive than MOTU or Presonus isn't an option for me.
> The Behringer X32 rack is very interesting, but I'm afraid that
> expanding it will be an issue, because it'll have to be done via AES50,
> which nobody uses except Behringer and Midas (which they own).
> > I’ve seen a lot of marketing buzz about the UDO Super Six’s binaural
> > mode, and, while I’m sure it sounds pretty amazing in the right
> > context, I’m not sure it justifies any additional price it may introduce.
> That's definitely not on my radar. I've got a silly amount of sound
> producing hardware and software already.
> One thing I've been considering is chucking an ADAT card in my PC, and
> use converters. I'd have to remove a PCIe card, for example that
> Thunderbolt card that doesn't work. That also limits my choices, unless
> I purchase a new motherboard... and I'm a bit done with spending money
> unnecessarily.
> - Peter
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