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Tue Mar 29 10:18:17 CEST 2022

> On 29.03.2022, at 05:23, Michael Zacherl <mubar05 at blauwurf.at> wrote:
> Well, I’m not willing to put my private data on a remote computer which I have no control over!

I’d say it’d be appropriate then, for you to invest in Synology or the equivalent, depending on your budget/preferences.

I feel the same way, btw.  The Cloud is fine if your use is relatively benign, like random pictures of whatever,  but if you’re sharing important stuff that is work-related,  stay off it.

> After many many years and SW releases it’s apparent that Apple forces me more and more in their ‘Ecosystem’.
> This is nothing new of course, but still annoying. For the iPad, for instance, the computer certainly doesn’t fell like it was mine!
> (not sure if I can say that for the M1 MBA I acquired either

I know what you mean, but I make up for this negative by using my Macs as Unix boxes, install homebrew and use its cask system, and get all the dev tools onboard as needed.  As a developer I find the Mac quite comfortable, but I put UbuntuStudio on an older MacBook Pro recently and realised I really, really do NOT need MacOS to be productive.  In fact, the Ubuntu-MacbookPro is just really nice to use and if it weren’t for the new M1 MBP that work has me using more and more, I’d be making Ubuntu-MacbookPro my daily driver.

> Also I’m still fighting with the concepts of iOS/iPadOS, which are just halfway between a “true" computer OS and something like a gaming console. 
> I can see the ideas behind that, but the “pro” concepts Apple tries to incorporate here are just half-hearted and certainly not done!

It might be surprising but once you install VLC on it, and Filemanager Pro, you really don’t need to use the iPad ecosystem for much.  I have 80gigs of music on my iPhone that I manage and maintain very easily myself through VLC’s onboard web interface, including dragging stuff over Wifi, etc. and it just plain works.  In fact its more usable than any other media player I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had them all.  Same goes for the 40 gigs of PDF’s I carry with me everywhere - none of this went through Apples’ ecosystem to get onto my device.

Another key thing to do if you want to stay on iPhone, is get the dev tools set up and working, if you have the energy.  The reason of this of course, is the fact that there are so many extremely useful open-source iOS apps out there on Github that can be installed this way, if you set it up.  Its a ‘hidden market’, imho, for apps - worth keeping in mind.  (You can even build VLC for iOS from source, if you feel like it..)

> So, you’re saying you use nextcloud … how do mobile devices integrate to that?
> Locally it’s some network share (e.g. Synology), no biggie, but remote?

Simplest use-case: VPN to the Synology, and then wherever you are, your Synology box is ‘local on the network’.

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