Yamaha AxK question

Matt Seil xeno6696 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 05:49:10 CET 2022

So I finally got stuck on a song, and decided to start playing with the 
sampling features on the unit.

I'm Absolutely impressed by the strength of the playback. Normally when 
I use samplers they always seem to play back more quietly than the 
source.  (Or maybe I finally learned gain staging?)  :-D

I'm getting hit with the encoder issues.  Part of why I bought a fader 
fox was to bypass the encoders on the front, but as I dive into manual 
hell... this doesn't appear feasible?  They appear able to send anything 
we want, but not have a solid CC address themselves?

A followup question if that's a no... are there any "template" programs 
out in the wild that you guys might remember that have midi control 
settings pretty much "baked in?"

Since the manual seems to suggest that the MIDI CC implementation is 
entirely configurable by the user (with no presets) how do you manage 
this reasonably?  Just spend a day crafting a "god program" and then 
always load that one first, copy/paste or is there something more 
obvious that I'm missing?

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