Akai MPC Key 61 - thoughts?

Tony Scharf tony.scharf at outlook.com
Wed Jun 29 15:55:54 CEST 2022

Sorry I’m late to the discussion….covid recovery and all that..

As a big fan of the MPC line and Modern Akai (I have the Force and the Live II Retro) I think it’s a really good looking workstation.   The value proposition in the Keyboard over the Live II or One + a controller really lies in weather or not you feel you will use the included synths and 6000 preset sounds.   Otherwise, if you intend to mostly create your own or use it as a sample mangler, then I’d look at the One or the Live II + a nice controller (which you probably already have).

This is all coming from someone who already has a Korg Kronos workstation he has no intention of parting with or upgrading.   If I didn’t have that, I may be more interested in the Keyboard MPC.  If I were still out playing live gigs the 4gb RAM + that sequencer would be amazing.   I remember cramming a whole live set into 10mb because the SCSI load times were too long. Kids these days have it easy…


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Sitting here with the rest of the guys I make music with, and we’re talking about adding a workstation to the mix - and so far, we’re all pretty sold on the Akai MPC Key 61 .. which to me, seems pretty badass.

But of course I know the wisdom of music-bar might provide an alternative view.  What do you think - any other options besides the Key 61, such as Yamaha or whatever?  Any gotchas with the plugin purchases and so on?

Jay Vaughan
ibisum at gmail.com

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