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Sat Jun 11 11:32:35 CEST 2022

I have (but don’t use it currently) a phonogene, which I understand is not the predecessor but a totally different beast from the morpho. 

The phono is very immediate Imans wants to be played. There is no buffer or storage, to keep anything but what is immediately sampled. 

It’s fun but I prefer the Mutable Beads now, it’s more granular than the phono and it’s stereo. 

Im having loads of fun with my Ryk M185 sequencer (it’s incredibly versatile) and when I was heavily into euro my favorite modules were the z8000 (thanks Toby Scharf) ans the 4ms PEG. 

enjoy the ride

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> On 11. Jun 2022, at 11:21, Ibi Sum <ibisum at> wrote:
> Got the Soundhack Morphagene set up into the eurorack last night and had a few hours jam… holy crap this thing is obtuse and weird!  I love it.  Definitely on the market for more modulator modules now, though.
> Anyone on the music-bar got one?  Any tips/tricks to be aware of?  Any particularly important modules I should add alongside?
> I’m still on the path of filling my Arturia 6U case over the next month or so, which means I’m on the lookout for new/interesting things to fill the spaces… I’m about half-way full now, still got room for VCA’s and utility modules and stuff, when I work it out … basic goal is to have about 4 different sound generators (VCO’s) to work through the Morphagene, etc.  decisions, decisions…
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