Morophagene in the house

Ibi Sum ibisum at
Sat Jun 11 11:21:24 CEST 2022

Got the Soundhack Morphagene set up into the eurorack last night and had a few hours jam… holy crap this thing is obtuse and weird!  I love it.  Definitely on the market for more modulator modules now, though.

Anyone on the music-bar got one?  Any tips/tricks to be aware of?  Any particularly important modules I should add alongside?

I’m still on the path of filling my Arturia 6U case over the next month or so, which means I’m on the lookout for new/interesting things to fill the spaces… I’m about half-way full now, still got room for VCA’s and utility modules and stuff, when I work it out … basic goal is to have about 4 different sound generators (VCO’s) to work through the Morphagene, etc.  decisions, decisions…


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