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On 24 Apr 2022, at 22:10, Andrew Robinson <andrew at> wrote:

> All Macs these days have wifi, so you could just throw out the cable, but to be honest for a 'non-computer person' the cognitive load involved in adapting from PC to Mac is probably greater than the integration benefit.
> Having said that, Apple make great laptops and iMacs have great screens, so I'd recommend going to an Apple Store and seeing if there's sufficient levels of 'I want one of those' after having a few minutes playing with those.

100% +1, this matches my experience. Only switch if there is self originating enthusiasm.

PS: If she uses Teams in combination with the Office apps a lot be sure to get a 16GB version. They've become insanely memory hungry these days.

On 25 Apr 2022, at 11:30, Ibi Sum <ibisum at> wrote:

> Get her a PineBook.  You don’t need macOS.

I think Peter would like to remain alive :)


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