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I would have to agree with Jay.  Just this last week, I decided that I'd 
like to try my hand at making a couple simple apps for my kids, and 
after much pulling of hair I don't have, I discovered that to write apps 
for iOS you really have to have a mac computer.  To get xcode running on 
windows is a major, major hassle.  This scenario is such a non-starter 
for me.

So given Apple's general attitude towards even running their OS in 
virtual environments, a true-blue retro community around early iPhone is 
almost guaranteed not to happen outside of folks emulating old apps on 
existing Apple devices.

>> It's not really that dissimilar to collecting vintage synthesisers, 
>> is it? Yes, we can easily run a software A500, but a real one (or an 
>> almost real one) is much more fun.
> Yeah, you’re right, its quite similar of course. And in some cases 
> there are even synthesis features to explore as well ..
>> Makes you wonder: would there be retro iPhones in 20 years time? For 
>> that retro experience with a clunky phone, bezels, and a home button.
> I seriously doubt it actually.  One of the things that has made retro 
> computers so interesting and viable to newcomers is that they are an 
> open platform.  I don’t think that the  retro- scene would be nearly 
> what it is today if it weren’t for the fact that folks are still 
> writing software for them - and in some cases, its just truly bloody 
> incredible .. case in point, this years 10-liner BASIC program winner, 
> which managed to implement a full dungeon-crawler adventure game in 
> just 10 lines of BASIC code:
> (Disclaimer: I’m biased of course,  since Oric was my first ‘real’ 
> computer)
> We will have to see whether this holds true for the iPhone too - but 
> I’ve got a drawer full of junk iDevices these days, and I’m really not 
> sure its going to be as appealing to go back to them, in .. say, 10 
> years time .. considering the hoops one has to jump through now just 
> to get a dev environment set up.  I guess it’ll be somewhat feasible 
> if there is the requisite MacBook rig already set up with the dev 
> tools in the drawer as well, but even now its hard to get these old 
> machines properly set up to do ‘open’ development work.
> Anyway, lets hope we can return to this subject in a few years time 
> and see how things progressed ..
> j.
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