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Jay Vaughan ibisum at
Tue Apr 12 09:47:46 CEST 2022

> Not about the Amiga music, but have you tried the PiMiga distro? It turns your Pi400 into a fully upgraded Amiga with new os etc.
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Yeah, we tried this out a while ago and it was also very fun - but I ended up repurposing the Raspberry Pi 400 to something else, and we got the Amiga Mini so we would ‘always have an Amiga around’ .. ;). I’d love to have a real Amiga, but in the meantime, the Amiga Mini is pretty bad-ass, I have to say.

This week I’m setting up the new space - an interactive retro-computing collection open to the public, which we will exhibit through the year .. so I guess I will get some real Amiga heads in there over the course of time to funk it up a bit too.  Just wondering if the -bar has any ideas ..

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