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Sat Apr 9 11:43:31 CEST 2022

I’ve had to use Bitwig a few times over the last few months to test my plugin work and it’s really an intriguing and highly powerful program.  A friend of mine has gotten himself newly introduced to electronic music-making with Bitwigs’ built in instruments and effects alone, and it has left a good impression to see how quickly he went from newbie to competent just with Bitwig.

I don’t think I’ll be switching out my current Reaper+hardware sequencer flow for the time being, but I’m sure interested in hearing more about Bitwig as you learn it, Mohsen.


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> Hey Bar,
> My music teammate Jeff and I have been using Ableton Live for a long time now as our shared DAW platform. However, I was looking for ways to branch out for my personal projects, and thought a switch-up with DAWs might be a good thing to try.  So I naturally went and got BitWig Studio.  I love the philosophical (and personnel) links with Live, but more importantly it feels and behaves as if it was  constructed on a modern code base. :-).  Really nice so far.  Thought I'd share :-)
> cheers
> - Mohsen
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