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> I think I just need to sit down with some kind of master tutorial. 
Yes, both the Blackbox and the Deluge have heavy learning curves, they are truly dense instruments.  I’ve gotten a lot from LOOPOP on Youtube, he powers through things but tapes a path, nevertheless, that can be followed in a 30-minute session or so.

> I randomly picked the "Forbbiden Zone Kit" in the presets and started playing with pad 1,3 "PIC_100_Cm_S" and my brain suddenly realized "dude... this will let you glitch the h*** out of these samples like you always wanted to do.  This opens up some sonic palettes that I didn't realize I had near my fingers.  

Oh yes, part of the challenge of these new toys is discovering those dark frontiers, and bringing  light into them.  I’m having a lot of fun with the update, too .. ;). Already crashed it a few times though, so I do confess that this week at least, the Deluge got more love.

> And here I was treating this more like a simple FastTracker II sequencer...  (O_o)  
That, it can appear to be - but indeed it is not a tracker.  Its a really, really good sampler!  The sequencer grid might be a bit of a dilemma, though, it does look very Tracker-like .. just keep in mind you can  re-sample sequences-triggering-samples, and THOSE can be messed with like normal samples, too. Its just an infinity machine, man.

> Is there any particular Blackbox tutorials you'd recommend?  Yeah, I'll be googling but something tells me there's a lot under the hood here that I'm missing.  
LOOPOP and Red Means Recording have been the most inspiring to me personally, but there are others that I have no doubt Youtube will start recommending you once you get through a few of those channels’ offerings.

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