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I am looking at this in totally the wrong way. 

I installed the beta firmware that introduced the granular features
you're talking about...

I think I just need to sit down with some kind of master tutorial.  I
randomly picked the "Forbbiden Zone Kit" in the presets and started
playing with pad 1,3 "PIC_100_Cm_S" and my brain suddenly realized
"dude... this will let you glitch the h*** out of these samples like you
always wanted to do.  This opens up some sonic palettes that I didn't
realize I had near my fingers. 

And here I was treating this more like a simple FastTracker II
sequencer...  (O_o) 

Is there any particular Blackbox tutorials you'd recommend?  Yeah, I'll
be googling but something tells me there's a lot under the hood here
that I'm missing. 

On 9/19/2021 11:40 AM, Jay Vaughan wrote:
>> I'm still learning the blackbox, there's some synth-like features I'm
>> missing, but overall its very organic and flexible.  [For me the
>> biggest pain in the butt is the lack of odd time signatures in song
>> mode.  4/4 is all you get.] 
> New signatures are coming in a future update, I think.  Still, not a
> bad product for a one-man show, programming-wise.  They just added
> another dev to the team - incidentally, I interviewed with 1010music
> and got all the way through the qualifications process, but it
> would’ve meant relocating back to California .. and it was nice to
> hear Aaron is now getting the help he needs to start pushing out more
> features.  I believe there is still a *LOT* of unused horsepower in
> the Blackbox, so we’ll probably get synth-like (AEG/FEG/PEG features?)
> for the Blackbox on the horizon ..
> j.
>> Jay Vaughan
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