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> On 19.09.2021, at 19:26, Andrew Tarpinian <andrewtarpinian at gmail.com> wrote:
> The Deluge does pretty much everything I want but does not look inviting to me. It’s not like “oh look it’s so simple it doesn’t need a screen” it’s more like “f’you no screen for you human.” And I’ve heard the black box excels at playing live rather than creating a track. 

I know exactly what you mean by this, I also was kind of put off by the non-symmetry of the interface and what seems to be a very conservative amount of knobs for the functions, but I assure you - after a couple days of playing with it, it all makes a lot of sense and you feel the muscle memory kick in, plus intuition, for finding things you haven’t quite scoped out yet.  If its any consolation, it is kind of unique as an instrument because its electronic - and thus ‘easy to use’ - but very, very deep and therefore quite a lot of skill/practice is required to master it.  I’ve been watching endless demo videos for weeks to try to get my chops up to scratch, and I thought at first this wouldn’t be worth it - but it IS, in so many ways.

I do wonder what the NEXT product from Synthstrom Instruments is likely to look like .. they have packed an awful amount of raw power into the Deluge, if they come up with an expanded version its going to be pretty fantastic.  I’ve seen folks add Faderfox boxes to it, though, to gain even deeper level of control, and it has to be said that using external controllers with it is very, very easy - select the function, hit LEARN, move the external knob, and off you go.

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